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David at Binghamton Johnson City Monument Company helped our family choose a memorial for our mother that was unassuming and beautiful. It was a perfect reflection of her gentle... Read more

Rock of Ages Granite.

The finest granite available with the industry's strongest warranty.

Not Just Another Name

Itís not just another brand name, it is an industry standard. For as long as granite memorials have been being made, one designer has stood above the rest; Rock of Ages. Rock of Ages, is not just another catchy phrase to make you feel good about your purchase, they are and always will be the one and only quarrier, designer and manufacturer whose all inclusive warrantee not only guarantees the craftsmanship of your memorial, but also protects your memorial should it crack, discolor or fade. This warrantee is drastically different and supersedes all other warrantees offered by other manufactures and retailers in the memorial industry. The Rock of Ages Perpetual Warranty assures your family that the Rock of Ages cemetery memorial will be forever protected in conjunction with an independently managed perpetual trust at the Wilmington Trust Company, one of the largest trust providers in the United States.

Industry Leading Warranty

The Rock of Ages Perpetual Warranty is not only valid to your immediate family; it carries over to your heirs and also the cemetery. Should Rock of Ages cease to exist in the future, the Perpetual Warranty your family purchased when you purchased your Rock of Ages memorial will always be valid thanks to the Perpetual Trust Fund. We here at the Binghamton-Johnson City Monument Company take great pride in knowing Rock of Ages stands behind every work of art that is created. This explains why more families, churches, government organizations have chosen Rock of Ages granite than any other type of memorial. Warning: Donít be misled by a retailer who claims he or she purchases their granite from Rock of Ages. Sure, Rock of Ages will sell our competitor granite from their quarries however, they sell only what they feel doesnít meet the necessary criteria; durability, consistent color and clarity, low iron content, reliable source of supply and proper quarrying methods.

Who Trusts Rock of Ages Granite?

Many of the world's best known and most beloved families have chosen Rock of Ages to handcraft their private mausoleums as a lasting tribute to a life well-lived.

  • Barbra Strisand
  • Miles Davis
  • Robert Deniro
  • Martin Scorcese
  • The Rockefeller Family
  • The Ford Family
  • ...and many more!

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